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Our Salon Services

Graduated Bob

Graduated bob is the latest trend among bob haircuts. It is the best pick for a bold, cheeky, stylish yet simple haircut. It is mainly a asymmetric layered bob cut with long front and short back.
This hairstyle adds volume to your hair and your face appears to be slimmer. It is suitable for any kind of hair texture. You can choose from our wide variety of graduated bobs like two-toned bob, Shaggy graduated bob and many more. The length of your hair can be adjusted as per your choice.


Transient Layers

Add some definition to your face with this celeb’s favorite layer cut hairstyle. Your hair often needs some layering to avoid its flat appearance. Transient Layers can be a great choice if you are looking for a makeover without sacrificing the length of your hair.
This haircut works well on long to medium length hair. This trendy layered hair can be a great experiment with your straight or wavy hair. This style can add some movement and a flattering shape which you will surely love to flaunt.


Forward Graduation

This front cut hairstyle is the easiest way to have the crown of fashionista among your peers. Forward Graduation is basically a graduation cut with face framing layers in the front and one length hair at the back.
Forward Graduation makes a great combination with different layer cuts such as square layer, round layers, transient layers and many more. You can talk to our hairstylist and choose the perfect one for you.


Square Layers

This box cutting hairstyle is the expert’s choice to reduce the volume of your hair at the bottom while keeping that bulky look intact. It will add some internal texture to your straight hair. This layered hairstyle works well on long to medium length hair.
Being a centre partitioning hairstyle it will reduce some amount of weight from your face and let your jaw line to be opened up more. Our professional hairstylist team can help you to have the desired hairstyle with the perfect face framing.


The Volume Blow dry

This volume blow dry is unbeatable To get the perfect party ready look in just few minutes . If hair volume is your major concern this blow dry hair style can be the best partner for your upcoming parties.
This hairstyle can give you a lift and bounce to your hair in no time. Don’t compromise with the volumizing potential of your hair and Try out our expert services. We assure you the minimal hair damage with the heat-protectors that our professional hair experts suggest.


Triple Barrel Tong

Grab the attention in your upcoming parties with this trendy hairstyle which will give a drastic transformation to your straight hair. It will give you a wavy hair look as per your choice. Depending on your barrel size of the curling iron you can have a variety of wavy hairstyles.
While big curls add some romantic, dreamy looks, the tight curls are perfect for a retro style. You can choose your looks from our wide range of Triple barrel tongs hairstyle. Our experts will help you to have your desired look with minimal damage assurance.



If you love to experiment with your looks crimped hair is the coolest trend to try now. It can give you the perfect deep waves that you will surely fall in love with. This hairstyle can achieve either by a hair crimping machine or by braiding your hair, often in multiple strands.
let the curls re-define your fashion within few minutes. Threat dreads, Texture Dutch braid, Multi toned crimped updo, Texture crown braid, mini crimped fishtail braid are some of our best picks to try with this crimped hair.


Pin Up Curls

Pin up curls will take care of every strands of your hair and give you the perfect bouncy curly hairstyle that you’ve always wanted to try. Instead of curly hair it will give you a wavy hairstyle that looks more natural.
Even if you have natural curls you should try it to get rid of those frizzy curl hair. You can even have some trendy updo hairstyles with this. It works well on a vintage retro style to a modern fashionista hairstyle. Our professional hairstylist will assist you to choose the perfect one for you from our wide range of Pin Up Curls.



Balayage is actually a French word which means ‘TO SWEEP’. This is a voguish technique of hair coloring. Balayage is a very blended process of hair coloring as it involves a freehand approach. Generally, the dye is smeared from the midshafts to the ends of the hair. In this process, cellophane is allotted between each layer of hair. Balayage hair color is a more natural process and requires less maintenance as it is not done from the roots , rather done from the midshafts. Balayage hair is dark and Balayage highlights provide tons of depths and dimensions to the hair.



Ombre is a French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre hair color is a kind of hair color shading where the hair color is generally darker at the roots through the mid-shaft and then eventually gets lighter at the ends. The basic difference between balayage and Ombre is that balayage is a hair coloring technique whereas Ombre is the end result which is achieved by the balayage technique. Ombre is useful for clients looking for low maintenance styles. The Ombre hair color has taken the hair coloring world by storm.


Face Contour Techniques

Face contouring is the process to shade areas on the face where you’d like to define or reshape. Contouring is done by using a matte powder, liquid or cream product that a few shades darker than your skin tone. Basically, contouring means aggrandizing or enhancing the facial structure through makeup. The contour kit is the most important necessity for face contouring. Choosing the right product and texture is a very integral requirement for face contouring. Contouring is all about producing a matte finish. The main precaution while contouring is to avoid as much shimmering as possible.



Highlights are small segments of hair that are lighter than the natural hair color or the base color. thus, the color of the highlighted shades will be lighter than the base color. Highlights are done by using aluminum foils. Unlike balayage, highlights are done form the roots to the end. The aluminum foils help in trapping heat and lightens the hair more. Its very important to select the size, placement and the tone of the highlights on the basis of the hair look which is required or desired. Highlights follow a more structured pattern in comparison to balayage which is a freehand method.


Messy Roll ups

Messy roll ups is renowned for hairstyles for short hair as well as hairstyles for long hair. The hair needs to be rigid and grit in order to implement messy roll ups hairstyle .Silky clean hair will not but hamper the use of messy roll ups. This hairstyling technique adds internal texture to the hair. This works well on curly to straight hair. High and extensive maintenance of the hair is not required for it. This hairstyle suits well with almost all kinds of outfit, both Indian and western. This hairstyle is currently a trendsetter. Our hairstyling experts will provide you with a wide range of messy roll ups hairstyles to choose from.


Classic French Roll

Classic French Roll is a very modern technique of hairstyling which gives you a classic vintage look. This hairstyling technique is timeless, that is, it can be used from day to night without any hassle. This hairstyle is best used on long, straight hair but can also be managed on wavy hair. This hairstyle provides elegance to your look. It can be done on special occasions as well as for casual uses. A little bit of hairspray will boost the longevity of the stray hairs in place and it is applicable when Classic French Roll hairstyle is being used for casual purposes extending for day to night.



The crescent hairstyle is named after the crescent shape of the moon which implies the shape of the hair after implementing this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, some part of the loose hair is braided behind the back of your head as a knot. The rest of the hair on the other side is let loose, thus producing the idea of half-up and half-down. This hairstyle is a modified version of the traditional side ponytails. A very good benefit of the crescent hairstyle is that it can applied on any kind of hair namely curls, waves or even straight. Our hair clinic gives a wide range of crescent hairstyles to choose from.


Kids Party

A Spa Party, also called pamper party, is a female-oriented party where the guests get beauty and massage treatments. Kids spa parties are organized for a special occasion for a kid like a birthday party. The birthday girl and her friends are given special spa treatments by our salon and the birthday party is spa-themed. To start things off, we provide the spa themed birthday invitation cards for the guests. At the party, manicure and pedicure is arranged for the kids. The decorations are also very spa-like. A tufted backdrop may be used for decorations. The food is spa-y as well like cotton ball cupcakes or spa sandwiches. There are spa themed games and activities as well.


Adults Birthday Parties

Spa Party is a very innovative idea for a birthday celebration party for adults. Spa parties are a great way to celebrate your birthday party in a very relaxed manner. Our salon provides everything like the spa themed decorations and freshly steamed hand towels. Our spa professionals provide various spa treatments to the guests. Some of these treatments include manicures/pedicures, scalp/hair conditioning treatments, paraffin wax treatments, hand and shoulder massages and so on. Face masks from healthy natural ingredients like cucumber are provided to the guests. The food provided is very healthy and spa themed accompanied by cocktails. After the guests leave feeling rejuvenated, we will give a parting gift to everyone like a goody bag of inexpensive spa items.


Kitty Parties

Spa themed Kitty parties are founts of solace to the ladies in a kitty party group or organization. Decorations will be arranged by our salon by placing folded towels in a tray. The decoration should be made to be a relaxing and soothing one by lighting candles, calm music and a nice sweet aroma. The entry can be filled with pebbles and flowers to bring forth a more appeasing environment. The music should be a relaxing one with a slow tempo. Spa kitty parties are all about the games which are spa-themed. There are many spa themed games which can be played in a spa kitty party for enjoyment. Further more, spa professionals are here to provide spa treatments and massages to the guests.



A great way to celebrate a bachelorette party is by arranging a spa party. Its a prominent source of relaxation for the bride-to-be and her friends. We usually start things off by a scalp massage, a facial and then perhaps a total body massage by the spa professionals. The salon can pin-up crepe paper in the bride’s colors and also a personalized bachelorette party banner. We will provide hors d’oeuvres like cheese and fruits. The meals served will be very light and healthy like veggies and dip, pasta and meat salads, spa sandwiches, etc. Not to forget , champagnes and other cocktails will be available for the guests to summon a very relaxing mood. The most important thing for us is to make sure that the bride-to-be and her friends have a great time with us.



In our skeyndor skin treatment we provide intensive skincare treatments, some of which are preventive treatments like Skin Oxygen, Antioxidant. Some luminosity treatments like Power C+, Natural Defiance and renovating treatments like Power Retinol, Derma peel and many more are included in our packages .
It is a complete skin repair treatment which enhances your natural glow and help you to get rid of those dead skins. It is the trendiest way to remove your sun tans and brighten up your skin with extreme care. Pamper your skin with this nourishing treatment. You can choose from our wide range of skeyndor packages or can select your own customized one.


Elegant Mehendi Look

Mehendi or henna is one of the essential and adorable ornaments for a bride’s D- Day. We have a great collection of Traditional to trendy mehendi design for your delicate palms and feet which will match the global trends. We understand that it’s not only about the mehendi but a complete look which can reflect your elegance.
Our professional mehendi artist will give you the perfect color and texture which will surely grab the eyes. Customized mehendi designs are also available as per our client’s demand. We have a great collection of mehendi looks that are some perfect blends of elegance, class, tradition and trends. Our expert also give you some complimentary services which will surely enhance your gorgeous look for this big day.


Glamorous Sangeet

Sangeet is that ladies special occasion in your wedding where you can flaunt your craziness, style and glamour all in one go with your friends and siblings. We have the collection of some mesmerizing, trendy, glamorous look for the Bride-To-Be!
We have different classic to bold sangeet looks to try in this wedding season . Customized services are also available as per client’s demand . If you are looking for a statement look which you want to cherish forever our experts will help you to decide the perfect one for you.


Royal Bride

With all our renowned experienced professionals who can meet up with any kind of regional to global bridal makeup trends we are assuring you to have the perfect dazzling, glamorous, royal look which will turn a thousand head. We give our utmost effort to make your big day more magical with our varieties of wedding makeup and styling ideas. We understand that it’s your day and everything should be as per your choice. With this ideology we introduce you to the customized bridal looks to satisfy your dreams to be a perfect bride. We are also ready with our professional team for any traditional regional wedding to give a mesmerizing bridal look.


Acrylic Nails

A well maintained nails has a strong impact on your appearance as hands usually grab the attention faster. If you want to add some strength growth and beauty to your natural nails Acrylic nail is the perfect option with a pocket pinch.
Acrylic nails are the oldest nail extension process in modern beauty industry. In this process a hard protective layer is made on your original nails using liquid monomer and powder polymer which creates the perfect base for applying nail paint and trendy nail art. We have our trained professionals who will give you the perfect acrylic nails with minimal thickness of powder polymer.


Gel Nails

Gel is a special mixture that is applied either on a artificial nail or directly on your natural nails. It is used to strengthen your nails and promote the growth in shape. This gel mixture is applied with multiple fine levels with UV lights in-between to give you a natural bending of your nails which is hard enough to last for a long time.
Gel nails are more eco friendly option to acrylic. Being a odourless gel it does not cause any damage on your natural nails. This gives you the perfect bed to apply your favorite nail paint and the trendy nail arts that can set your style for a long run.